Inland Empire Sun City Slab Leak

Inland empire Sun City Slab Leak & Water Heater Repair

With many properties in Riverside County's Sun City dating from the early 1960’s, it’s no secret that slab leaks and water heater failures are a little more common than in some other parts of California. The only question is, would you know how to spot a slab leak on your property? Moreover, do you know just how important it is to have such problems attended to as expeditiously as possible?

Sun City Slab Leak

Expert Slab Leak Detection & Repair in Sun City

Slab leaks in Sun City start when water inlet and outlet pipes embedded in property foundation slabs corrode or are shifted as buildings settle. The big problem with slab leaks, however, stems from the fact that because pipes are embedded in concrete in the first place, finding and repairing such leaks can be both costly and time-consuming.

Thankfully, if you have noticed damp, standing water, or other signs that you might have a slab leak on your property, we can help. This is because unlike other local plumbers and water heater repair experts, we don’t have to dig up property foundations to find leaks in the first place. Instead, we use state-of-the-art electronic detection equipment and only excavate sections of property foundations when we are certain that a leak is directly under a specific location.

Plumbing Re-routing & Water Heater Services

While fixing a slab leak in Sun City will usually require some degree of excavation work, we can actually avoid this altogether in some cases, by completely rerouting mains water inlets. At the same time, as well as leaks, slab leaks, and other home plumbing services, we also specialize in expert property water heater repair and replacement services.

24/7 Emergency Water Heater Repair

Has your home or commercial property water heater just bitten the dust? If so, we can help. This is because we operate a 24/7 water heater repair call out service, one which Sun City residents can rely upon to have their water heaters back up and running in no time.

Of course, if the water heater which you are currently using is 8-12 years old or more, it will be more cost effective in most cases, to completely replace such units. This is why as well as water heater repair services, we are a leading supplier and installer of completely new residential and commercial water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters & Full Water Heater Servicing and Maintenance

Did you know that by investing in a tankless water heater, you could stand to save thousands of dollars over the course of your heaters lifetime on your overall home energy costs?

As a rule, while tankless water heaters can come with a more premium price tag, they are both much more fuel efficient and longer lasting than conventional water heaters. This is why as well as our standard water heater installation and servicing plans, we also provide installation and on-going maintenance of tankless water heater systems all across Sun City and the surrounding area.

Are you Experiencing a home Plumbing Problem?

If you are located in Sun City and have a leak or water heater problem on your hands, make sure to reach out to us now via our 24/7 emergency hotline. We will then dispatch someone to your location and do everything which we can to remedy your current plumbing problem as expeditiously as possible.


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