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Inland empire Slab Leak & Water Heater Repair in Ontario CA

While far warmer and dryer than Ontario north of the United States border, properties in Ontario in San Bernardino County, can nevertheless, still be plagued by very similar damp and water damage problems.

Surprised? Don’t be. Just like properties all across the United States, the majority of properties in Ontario California, have mains water enter via pipe work embedded in each property’s concrete foundation slab. This being the case when such pipes spring a leak, homes can suffer serious water damage.

Water Heater Repair in Ontario CA

Do you have a Slab Leak in your Ontario Property?

As a rule, slab leaks can be notoriously difficult to become immediately aware of. In fact, slow leaks can continue for months, if not years before property owners in Ontario realize that they have a problem. The good news, however, is that sure signs that one or more pipes in your home's foundation slab have been compromised can include:

  • Standing water on ground level surfaces
  • Running and trickling sounds emanating from underfoot
  • Water pooling on patios and in garden areas by property foundations
  • Recurring damp patches
  • Sudden increases in rates of monthly and annual water consumption

How Slab Leak Repair Experts like Ourselves can Help

If you suspect that you have a slab leak in your Ontario property, it is imperative to reach out to slab leak repair professionals such as ourselves. This is because unlike other less skilled local plumbers, we use state-of-the-art electronic leak detection equipment to confirm the presence of slab leaks prior to pinpointing their exact underfloor location.

Pinpointing the exact location of slab leaks is important, as to fix leaks, we will usually need to excavate foundation slab areas in order to repair compromised pipes themselves. This being the case, by using specialist equipment in the way we do, we can help keep disruption during excavation and repair to an absolute minimum.

24/7 Water Heater Repair Services

Have you ever noticed how when your home hot water heater fails, it usually does so at the worst time possible? If so, worry no longer. This is because as well as slab leak and general plumbing services, we operate a dedicated 24-hour water heater emergency call out service. In doing so, we can help repair Ontario water heaters on-site, as well as carry out full safety checks on heaters which seem to be experiencing problems.

New Water Heater Installation in Ontario

If your water heater is breaking down regularly and is aged between 8 and 12 years, it will often be in your interest to invest in a completely new appliance. Thankfully, as well as on-site water heater repairs, we also stock and install a wide variety of new water heater models. Even better, such models include tankless water heater designs, which are both longer lasting and can help you save significantly on your future fuel costs.

Are you in need of Expert Plumbing and Water Heater Repair Services in Ontario?

If you are in need of expert slab leak or water heater assistance, make sure to reach out to us directly today. As soon as you do, we will then schedule and on-site visit, in order to start work remedying whatever plumbing problem you are experiencing as expeditiously as possible.


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