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First inhabited by the Serrano Indians, Montclair in California is one of San Bernardino County’s most historic and culturally exciting small cities. There is only one problem. Like many areas in California, Montclair is plagued by drought conditions which see current residents have sharp restrictions placed on their day to day home and business water usage. Did you know, however, that you might be wasting thousand of liters of water in Montclair without even realizing?

Montclair Slab Leak

Why Montclair Residents need to Start Taking Slab Leaks more Seriously

Most people in Montclair know when they are and are not permitted to water their gardens and use excessive amounts of water. If, however, a mains water pipe running through your property’s foundation has been compromised, you might be wasting tens of liters of water per day without even realizing.

What are Slab Leaks

Slab leaks occur when mains water pipes running through concrete foundation areas corrode and/or shift as properties settle. Moreover, when slab leaks do take hold, property owners don’t stand to face just increased utility bills. Instead, if left untreated, slab leaks can wreak havoc with property foundations, as well as give rise to serious home habitability problems.

Are you noticing:

  • Standing water and/or damp patches around your property?
  • Hot floors?
  • Increased (and inexplicable) home water consumption?
  • Audible running water sounds which seem to be coming from underneath your property?
  • Outbreaks of mold and mildew at and around ground level on your property?

If you have noticed any of the above, it may be that you have a slab leak in your own property foundation. The good news, however, is that as expert plumbers in Montclair, we can use high-tech electronic leak detection equipment to inspect properties, as well as pinpoint the exact location of slab leaks when leaks are present. Once we have done this, we can then undertake minor excavation work or rerouting of mains water, in order to put a stop to such water wastage finally.

24-Hour Emergency Water Heater Repair services in Montclair

Did you know that a malfunctioning home water heater can pose a serious risk to you and your families safety?

When water heaters malfunction, out of control pressure increases, temperature rises, and failure of automatic shut off mechanisms, can cause everything from explosions to house fires. This is why we operate a 24-hour emergency water heater repair hotline, targeted at helping you stay safe whilst also facilitating expeditious repair of water heaters so that you can carry on your day as usual.

New Water Heater Installation Services

Has your water heater recently failed and do you think that it might be time to invest in a new model? If so, we can help. This is because as well as property plumbing and water heater repairs in Montclair, we also stock a wide variety of high-quality new water heaters. Even better, we are No.1 in Montclair for the provision and installation of innovative new tankless hot water systems, ones which can help you save significantly on your overall home energy costs.

Are you Experiencing Home or Commercial Property Plumbing Problems?

If you are based in Montclair and have a leak or more significant plumbing problem, we can help. This being the case, make sure to reach out to us today so that we can schedule an on-site visit aimed at remedying whatever your current plumbing problem might be.


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