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Located in San Bernardino, Fontana is the second most populous city in San Bernardino County, boasting a population of just over 207,000 full-time residents. Moreover, although Fontana is renowned for the areas scorching summers, hundreds of residents and local property owners in Fontana, find themselves burdened each year, by damp and standing water problems on properties stemming from compromised mains water pipes located in their property foundations.

Fontana Slab Leak

Slab Leaks: Why they Happen & What Fontana Residents need to Look out For

Are you located in Fontana and have you recently noticed damp patches in and around your property? Alternatively, have you recently started to experience inexplicably increased local water charges and/or standing water appearing on your property floors and patio surfaces?

If any of the above sounds familiar, there is a high likelihood that corrosion, your property settling over time, and/or minor earth tremors might have compromised one or more of the pipes embedded in your property’s concrete foundation. Moreover, if this is the case, it is important to take remedial action sooner rather than later. This is because water slowly saturating your property's foundation can give rise to a host of serious structural and human health problems.

How to Detect and Repair Slab Leaks in Fontana

If you do have reason to suspect that a pipe in your property foundation has been compromised, we can help. This is because our plumbing teams can use specialized electronic leak detection equipment to identify where exactly pipes are leaking, prior to excavating areas ready to carry out repair work accordingly.

24-Hour Water Heater Repair Services

After slab leaks and other home plumbing problems, the majority of our call out requests in Fontana stem from people experiencing difficulty with home water heaters and similar devices. The good news, however, is that thanks to our 24/7 emergency helpline, we can usually be on-site with Fontana residents working to remedy such problems in as little as a few hours. Much more importantly, as well repairing water heaters in Fontana, we also carry out extensive safety checks in order to ensure that any unit which we are called out to service is just as safe as it is fully operational.

New Water Heater Installation Services

While we will always do our best to repair a variety of different water heaters in Fontana, sometimes it necessary to completely replace units, especially if they seem to have reached the end of their serviceable lifetime. This is why as well as water heater repairs, we can also be called upon to install brand new home hot water systems, including innovative new tankless water heaters.

Are you Experiencing Slab Leak or Water Heater Problems in Fontana?

If you are experiencing any kind of home or commercial plumbing problem in Fontana, don’t wait to get the professional help you need. Instead, call or contact us directly in order to schedule an on-site visit so that we can get to work remediating any and all of your concerns as expeditiously as possible.


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