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Inland empire 24/7 Slab Leak & Emergency Water Heater Repair in Corona

Corona in California takes the summer heat seriously, so seriously, in fact, that possessing and discharging fireworks in the city has been illegal for a number of years now. Did you know, however, that despite annual high summer temperatures of 79.4°F, hundreds of homes and properties are still affected each year by flooding and serious water damage?

Slab Leak & Emergency Water Heater Repair

Understanding Slab Leaks and the Importance of Slab Leak Repair in Corona

While not as often discussed as water heater failures and general home plumbing problems, slab leaks are just as common in Corona as they are in other parts of California. This is because buildings settling over time, coupled with internal and external water pipe corrosion, can give rise to leaks in property foundations just like anywhere else in the United States.

Have you noticed a recent increase in your water bill? Alternatively, have you recently started noticing standing water, damp, or hotspots on your property ground floor or patio? If so, you might have a slab leak on your property and because slab leaks can give rise to a variety of structural and home habitability problems, it is imperative to have such problems investigated asap.

State-of-the-art Slab Leak Detection & Remediation

If you do suspect that a pipe embedded in your property foundation has been compromised, we can help. This is because we use specialized electronic leak detection equipment in order to pinpoint the exact location of leaks, before attending to precise excavations and repair work accordingly. In fact, we are the No.1 choice when it comes to slab leak remediation in Corona, specifically due to the fact that we always keep the mess, fuss, and hassle involved with slab leak repairs to an absolute minimum.

24/7 Fast Response Water Heater Repair & Replacement

While Corona might benefit from year-round warm temperatures, every home and business owner still needs on-demand hot water in their property. This is why as well as general home plumbing services, we also provide 24/7 water heater repair and replacement services.

Water Heater Repair Vs Full Water Heater Replacement

Did you know that as water heaters get older, they are more likely to develop faults, some of which can compromise your overall home safety?

While it is no secret that investing in a new water heater can be costly, we often find that people with older water heaters spend more in the long term on repairs, than they would if they had just invested in a new water heater to start with. This is why while we always strive to fix water heaters on-site after a call out, we will always advise home and property owners when we think it might be in their interest to invest in a new water heater finally.

Are you Experiencing Plumbing Problems?

Has your water heater just given up the ghost or are you experiencing a significant home plumbing problem? If so, let us help. Call or contact us now and we’ll get to work assessing and remedying your problem as expeditiously as possible.


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