Maintaining Your Water Heater

Maintaining Your Water Heater

Like most people, hot water is a necessity in a home. Unless you enjoy taking cold showers, it’s crucial to maintain and inspect your water heater on a regular basis. A thorough check-up around every six months to lessen the chance of a sudden breakdown emergency, saving you thousands of dollars on repairs.

When it comes to the more sophisticated water heater systems such as tankless heaters, heat pumps or solar units, they should be inspected by professional plumbers due to the high and complicated tinkering with its high-tech components. If you have a classic tank water heater, here are some tips on how to maintain a water heater yourself!

– Before even touching your water heater, it’s recommended that you look around and check for warning signs. First things first, check your shower and faucets. Have you noticed that your hot water becomes colder or hotter than it used to? If so, this can be a sign that your unit’s heating thermostat.

– Look around for puddles, signs of a leak or drips. You should also watch for cracks or rust outside of your tank. If you see any of these signs, it’s highly recommended that you call an experienced and professional plumber.

– If you are dealing with a gas water heater, you should check the appearance of the burner flame. If working properly, it will appear mostly blue; if it’s mostly orange or yellow, the heating element is burning improperly and should be either replaced or adjusted.